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A lightweight flashcards program still in development.

Yom Lexicon

A lexicon of Yom, a Gur language of Northern Benin. This is a work in progress and may contain inaccuracies or other errors! Please contact me if you'd like to know about the technical implementation of this lexicon for use in your own project; I can send you relevant code and other advice.



A somewhat experimental text adventure which received mixed reviews in the 2012 Interactive Fiction Competition.

2007-10-01 Ferrous Ring

Ferrous Ring

Ferrous Ring is an exceptionally experimental text adventure which received mixed reviews in the 2007 IFComp.

It is unfortunate that in the process of fixing some bugs prior to the competition, I accidentally introduced new ones, and this contributed to the negative criticism levelled at the game, especially since it was not obvious that the bugs actually were bugs. In the process of fixing these bugs, I unfortunately broke the game completely - this being a result of how extremely cumbersome and complex the interface became - but I managed to salvage it and get a new version together. Please contact me with bug reports if you play it; though unfortunately, I'm a bit reluctant to tinker with it anymore!

2009-06-20 Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

There are actually two games in one here, both played on a political map of the world:

Icelandic Conquest is a crazy game, in which you have to build an empire for Iceland - not with military might (Iceland has none), but with flags. You gain flags by making deliveries all over the world; the shorter the route you take to get to the destination country, the more flags you'll get. At the same time, another randomly selected country is building an empire, and will start claiming countries for itself. You have to remove their flags or replace them with your own, and ultimately, you must take over the world. To top things off, you find various cultural items lying around which can get you extra points if returned to their country of origin. This includes lemurs from Madagascar.

Lost in Translation, now at version 2, has you translating documents from one language to another. To do this, you just walk into a country that speaks that language. But this time, it's not about finding the shortest route - it's the shortest linguistic route you want. It's no good going through Hungary, Austria and Germany to get to France from Romania; far better to head for Italy, since it's a related language. Making efficient translations gets you skill points, which you can spend on actually learning languages, which allows you to make even more efficient translations. Learning every language of the world, though, is only part of the attraction...

It would be helpful if you could send bug reports, if indeed you happen to fall into one of its exceptionally niche audiences! I have alpha-tested version 2 quite thoroughly, but I still recommend saving regularly - just in case.

You'll need a Glulx interpreter to run the game.

2010-10-01 Following a Star

Following a Star

A Christmas special! This interactive fiction game follows the classic story of the Three Wise Men, liberally interpreted. Play Balthasar, one of the Three Wise Men of the Orient, who has to ready the gifts for the newborn. The game came 13th place in IFComp 2010.

With massive thanks to Tim Simmons for the excellent artwork.


The Bread and the Fishes

The first in The Bible Retold series of text adventures, in which the player must gather the five loaves of bread and two fishes needed to feed a crowd of 5000 people. The game came 21st of 43 in IF Comp 2006 and was a finalist for Best Individual NPC in the 2006 XYZZY Awards (for God).