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Voluntarised Commons Economy

How could a moneyless economy work? The system presented here is what I call the voluntarised commons economy, in which the commons takes over from private property, and the labour system is based on voluntary contributions of time rather than obligatory payments of money.


Abolish Money? How Naïve!

To most people, a world without money seems like some kind of 'childish' fantasy. Money, these adults think, is some kind of natural law - endlessly true, real, unquestionable. But dogma deserves to be questioned. It's kind of heart-warming that so-called childish fantasies are actually more sensible and more practical than the mythologies we've internalised.

2015-11-24 Kinetic Enemy

Kinetic Enemy

My fourth album. 'A chemical fantasy, poetically inert.'


No, the New Economy Does Not Need Money

Money itself is assumed to be beyond questioning. So let's question that assumption. It will quickly become clear that money is neither necessary nor useful, that there is no such thing as money without capitalism, and that every system of exchange, regardless of how it works, will be exploitative and destructive.


The Solidarity Economy as a Strategy for Revolution

A constructive guide to building a new society. A re-appraisal of the 'dual power' strategy.